Morgan's Revitalizing Shampoo - Retro Bottle

by Doc Barnet


250ml bottle

Morgan’s Yellow Revitalising Shampoo for your daily hair washing needs and the
perfect addition to your hair care kit.

Product Description

A moisturising and revitalising shampoo that will help revive dry and damaged
hair. It works to rid the scalp of impurities whilst strengthening hair fibres.
Contains Aloe Vera, Keratin and Conditioning Polymer. Suitable for normal, dry
and damaged colour treated hair.

Moisturising and Revitalising

Contains Aloe Vera and Keratin

For dry, damaged and colour treated hair

How to Use:

Wet hair thoroughly then apply Revitalising Shampoo and work into a rich
lather. Focus on the scalp and the ends of the hair. Rinse hair thoroughly then
repeat the application if required.